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Referral Contest

Participate in $100 Referral Contest

Contest Period: 1-Jan-2015 to 15-Feb-2015

Contest Amount: $100

Rules & Conditions: 

  • Every GlobalWebWorkers member can participate into referral contest.
  • There is no participation fee. You have to add as many referrals as you can within contest period.
  • Apart from contest, you will keep getting regular referral earning of $0.15 per active referral.
  • At least three members have to add at least 200 referrals each. The contest period will be extended up to 28-Feb-2015 if at least three members unable to add at least 200 referrals each. 
  • If after 28-Feb-2015, we couldn't find minimum three members who added at least 200 referrals each then the contest will be cancelled.
  • First, Second & Third winner will be awarded $50, $25 & $15 respectively.
  • There will be prizes for members at position 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th ($2 each) also, if they add at lest 50 referrals each.
  • The winning amount will be added to winner's cash balance account.
  • We will hide the "Top Sponsors" section from member's area during contest period so that no one guess the winners in advance.
  • GlobalWebWorkers reserves the right to change or cancel the contest at any time.

Thank you,

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